20309 Capital Ave. N.E.
Battle Creek MI 49017- (In Pennfield Twp)
Right Across from the Pennfield Police & Fire Station.


Take I-94 East to Exit 98-B (Downtown) Battle Creek
Merge on to M-66 (Capital Ave. N.E.) for 8 miles
20309 Capital Ave. N.E on the left -
Right across from the Pennfield Police & Fire station.


Take I-94 West to Exit 98-B (Downtown) Battle Creek
Merge on to M-66 (Capital Ave. N.E.) for 8 miles
20309 Capital Ave. N.E on the left -
Right across from the Pennfield Police & Fire station.


Take 69 South towards Ft. Wayne
Take M-78 Exit 48 Towards Bellevue (3.8 miles)
Turn Left on W. Capital Ave. M-78 (7 Miles)
Turn Left on Capital Ave. N.E. (3 Miles)
20309 Capital Ave. N. E. on right.
Right Across from the Pennfield Police & Fire Station


Take M-66 North for 30 Miles all the way to the farm.


Or click here to get directions from Google maps.


Zombie Paintball Hunt is the first of its kind in Battle Creek and West Michigan. This unique paintball experience, where you shoot but don't get shot, is sweeping the nation and will have you begging to come back for more.
The Zombie Apocalypse has come to Fear the Farms. Help save the farm by joining the "hunt." Your team will be taken to where the zombies have overrun the cornfields – it will be your job to help us keep them at bay until order can be restored to the farm.
Come take a ride in our military trucks that have been outfitted with mounted paintball guns to fire upon live zombies and animatronics through a "Walking Dead" cornfield.  We have 4 customized trucks to carry up to 14 passengers each, with everyone having their own mounted paintball gun.  We will take "recruits through a predetermined trail where you will have an opportunity to rid the farm of this Zombie infestation.






Fear the Farm Zombie Hunt is a very dark and creepy zombie paintball Army Truck Ride experience. By entering the property & attraction you are agreeing to these rules. Failure to accept these rules will result in an escort away from our trail, and/or prosecution to the full extent of the law. By purchasing a ticket you agree to abide by and be subject to them in the parking lot, to and from the entrance and ticket line, during the trail and until you exit the property. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain a healthy, safe environment for everyone at "Fear the Farm" Zombie Hunt!

We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone at any time. During the trail you will be subject to intense audio and lighting effects, low visibility, strobe lights, & fog. You should not enter if you are pregnant, claustrophobic, are prone to seizures or have heart and/or respiratory problems or any other medical disorder you feel may be activated by fear, fright, adrenaline, or physical activity. Please use your best judgment as to whether you should attend this Fear the Farm Zombie Hunt. You will not be admitted if you appear intoxicated.

Fear the Farm Zombie Hunt is not responsible for your vehicle or the contents of it or any situation that could occur involving your vehicle. Park at your own risk and be sure to secure or keep out of plain view any items that may be of any value.

The ticket holder understands there are inherent risks when participating in an event such as Fear the Farm Zombie Hunt and assumes all risks and dangers associated wherein. In consideration and acceptance of entrance into Fear the Farm Zombie Hunt, the ticket holder agrees to release the operator, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, volunteers, and property landlord from any liability, harm, injury, or death, cost or expense whatsoever that may arise directly or indirectly as a result of participation in the Farm Zombie Hunt Haunted Woods and Corn Field.

By entering our location you agree to give Fear the Farm Zombie Hunt permission to take photographs and videos of you at our location. These can be used for promotional marketing pieces including postings on facebook, youtube, and any other internet promotional sites.

Fear the Farm Zombie Hunt and its staff and volunteers are not responsible for any damage to clothes or anything else.


No smoking, alcohol, drugs, cameras, laser pointers, lighters, or weapons.

Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

Do not touch props or the actors. They may get real close to scare you.

Leave phones in car or pocket. These items get lost a lot.

No refunds & No running

No cursing or foul language

No saving spots or breaking in line (otherwise known as cutting, breaking, trip trading, or I'll let you in font of me if you let me in front of you)

It is the discretion of the parents of anyone under 14 years of age as to whether they enter. There are many scenes depicting horror and you are paying us to scare you, we want you to get what your paying for but be warned this may not be for the sensitive or timid. If you feel you cannot handle presentations of horror and the like then please do not attend.

NO nudity or vulger things either. We wanna keep mama proud!

Once you leave the Entertainment Zone you will not be allowed back in the gate. This means no trips allowed to the parking lot!

The ride last about 13 minutes. Once on the trucks you will not be allowed off with the exception being an emergency for the safety of everyone else involved.

We are open if it rains depending on the severity of the storm. If it does lighting, we will ask everyone to leave the area as quickly yet safely as possible.

Above all, we do reserve the right to refuse anyone admittance to Fear the Farm Zombie Hunt based on whatever criteria we deem to do so without explanation.


If you looking to be one of our Zombies, Truck Drivers, Drill Sargents, Parking Attendents, etc. Please fill out the form below. Pay Depends on Postion.


Zombies will have more protective / safety padding than the Michelin man.

  • 25 Positions

Truck Driver

Be a Zombie Sniper Patrol truck driver.

  • 8 Positions

Drill Sargent

Be one of our Drill Sargents.

  • 8 Positions

Parking Attendent / Security / Staff

We also have general openings for Parking Attendent, Security & Staff

  • 8 Positions